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July 28, 2006

A great game, too bad about the result

Victor's soccer team had a rescheduled game to play last night. We don't normally play late evening games, so this was a new experience for both players and coaches. Playing under the bright lights adds a new dimension to the game.

Our opponents were tied for the division lead, with only one loss and one tie, but were missing some of their players (they fielded 12, while we had 14, giving us the advantage on substitutions). Victor had a prior commitment, so he didn't arrive at the field until part-way through the first half.

We went down 2-0 early, due to a fluke bounce on a corner kick and a missed offside call by the referee. The first ten minutes or so were all spent deep in our own end, with too much pressure to allow any offensive action to develop. After the harrowing start, our team settled in and started taking the initiative. The first half ended at a 4-3 mark, with two of our goals scored by Chris, who has rarely been able to play striker (he'll be playing striker more often, now that we know he's got the chops for it).

The second half was a mirror image of the first, with our team providing most of the pressure and our opponents back on their heels. We moved into the lead about ten minutes into the second half, and kept the pressure on. With only five minutes left in the game, we held a 7-6 lead.

Luck turned against us during the last few minutes, with both the tying goal and the winning goal scored from offside, but the referee didn't recognize the foul, so both goals stood. (To be fair, at least one of our goals had been scored from offside as well, so I don't have as strong a case for complaint.)

In spite of the disappointing final score, it was a great game with some excellent individual performances by several players.

Posted by Nicholas at July 28, 2006 10:31 AM

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