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February 16, 2007

QotD: Hiring Bloggers

Here's a handy guideline for anyone thinking to a hire a blogger for anything: Assume they've written something someone somewhere will get offended about, because that's what bloggers do. I mean, shit. Just the other day, if my e-mail serves, I offended religious homophobes and at least some gay-positive folk in the very same entry. That, my friends, is a skill to have.

Point is, there is hardly a blogger with any sort of traffic who doesn't have something in the archive that will make for tantalizing pullquotes. The only sane response to someone who waves these quotes about is to ask them, quite sincerely, if they're aware that water has a certain quality of wetness about it. Likewise, if you hire a long-time blogger, particularly if you're a political campaign, by God be prepared.

John Scalzi, "More little things", Whatever, 2007-02-09

Posted by Nicholas at February 16, 2007 01:02 AM

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