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August 28, 2007

Pirates decimated by Legion

Last night capped off a weekend of sporting disappointments. This was the final regular-season game for the Pirates, a rescheduled game that can't be forgotten fast enough. Whitby Legion came loaded for bear, while the Pirates were barely able to field a team: only eight team members showed up, plus two call-up players who volunteered to join us (Joseph M. and Tyler R.).

The game started off with both teams managing to stage attacks, but Legion's advantage in numbers would soon start to tell. Legion's coach didn't play a full side, matching the Pirates' ten on the field, but substitution was the deciding factor as the game wore on. By half-time, the Pirates were looking ragged, having had several scoring chances but being unable to get the ball anywhere near the net. Whitby Legion didn't have the same problem: sitting atop a 4-0 lead.

Victor volunteered to go in net for the second half, allowing Nick M. to rove at centre-midfield. The Pirates again managed several deep attacks, but only one of them found the back of the net, while Legion kept up the pressure at the other end of the field. The game ended with a 7-1 score, Anthony C. being the lone scorer for the Pirates.

Posted by Nicholas at August 28, 2007 09:09 AM

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