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July 17, 2008

Purple meets nemesis

Last night's game, as has been the tradition all season long, started poorly. Unlike most games, it didn't improve during the second half . . . in fact, the game ended up being abandoned with the score 5-2 in Whitby Maroon's favour, and on the verge of going to 6-2 on a penalty that was awarded just before the game was declared over.

At the end of a very poor showing in the first half, Purple was facing a 4-2 deficit, with goals by Dan V. and Chris A., but the team had generated few other chances.

The second half was, if possible, going worse for Purple, as Maroon tallied another goal within ten minutes of the restart. Just about the twenty minute mark, things got weird.

Something must have happened inside the Purple goal area, as what had initially been signalled as a goal kick was suddenly re-indicated as a penalty against Purple. Before the players got organized for the penalty, Marco B. must have dissented, as he was shown a Yellow card. The carding set off a loud dissent from parents and friends on the sideline, which the referee couldn't avoid hearing. He came over to the sideline to tell me to get the spectators under control, but while he was doing so, a parent got verbally abusive enough to be told to leave the park.

I tried to get the man to leave, but he kept expressing his dissatisfaction with the referee while he was walking away. At that point, another supporter said something the referee objected to and she was told to leave the park as well. I was told to clear my side of the field of anyone not wearing a uniform, but before I could do so, the referee announced that the game was being abandoned, and that Maroon had won.

The club will take whatever action they determine is required after receiving the referee's report.

Posted by Nicholas at July 17, 2008 08:45 AM

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