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July 14, 2009

Monticello: Jefferson's machine for living

While I enjoyed my visit and tour of Monticello, back in 2006, I didn't get the full story. Wired tries to rectify that problem:

Thomas Jefferson loved new technology and modding his surroundings to his lifestyle. From food to comfort to efficiency, he was always looking for ways to improve his living space with inventions and hacks. If he were alive today, we like to think hed be reading Wired.

Jefferson thought of his house, Monticello, as a machine for living. As such, it contains many insights into how a DIY gear-nut of today might have fared in the 18th Century.

I would argue we are trying to debunk the madman-genius, nutty-professor image of Thomas Jefferson, said Monticello curator Elizabeth Chew. He is someone who was trying to adapt the latest technology in every realm of existence: science, how the house functions, in the garden. He is trying to put into use new ideas.

Posted by Nicholas at July 14, 2009 08:43 AM

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