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July 20, 2009

Posting continues over at the new address

It's becoming a bit of a pain to cross-post everything between this site and the new one, so I'm moving all new postings over there (barring unforeseen issues). This site will remain for the archives, but new postings will only appear at

Along with the nice administrative features at the new site (very important to me), I've been able to add what promises to be a relatively transparent spam-blocking system to the comments.

Update: After mentioning to Jon (my virtual landlord) that I'd be moving over to the new blog today, he sent me this heartfelt missive:

Movable Type and I are going out drinking tonight, to try to lessen the pain of you leaving us.

Remember what we used to have? Do you remember it? Do you even think about it, while you're with your hot new (and most likely underage) WordPress? Don't you remember those all-night sessions of CSS twiddling and topic importing? Good times, good times. We had something, then. And it could have been like that again, but no.

But. No. You've moved on to someone new. Seduced by a pretty face and (I have to admit) fantastic <strike>legs</strike> GUI, and MT and I are left behind, tossed aside like a used tech writing temp.

If you hear a mournful duet of Alone Again, Naturally wafting through the air this evening, you'll know that MT and I are out there. Somewhere. Without you.


Posted by Nicholas at July 20, 2009 07:23 AM

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